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Jeruaem Web Profssionas

Jerusalem Web Professionals

JWP is a group of Jerusalem-based professionals, working in a variety of web-related fields, who communicate online and meet in-person to share expertise on web trends, marketing and creative solutions.

Jerusalem Web Professionals (JWP) started in August 2007 as a professional development and networking group. We range in skills and experience from veteran pioneers to newbies and include all web-related professions (developers, marketers, designers, site owners, etc.). Some people work independently, some work in small businesses while others are employees at leading companies.

The main purpose of the group is to raise the level of education and practice for industry professionals and to have regular Internet-technology related events in Jerusalem.

We have monthly events ad a mastermind group. Check out our pricing plans for discounted tickets.

Past speakers have included experts in Search Engines, the Semantic Web, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Outsourcing, Online Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Virtual Worlds, development frameworks, CMSs, etc. from a variety of leading companies including Google, PayPal and Adobe.

Anyone working in the Internet industry is welcome to join our Facebook group and our LinkedIn group to keep up to date.

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